How do I register in the online account management portal?

  1. Click here to register your subscription account.
  2. On the right side of the screen, under the New User? option; click on the Register here button.   
  3. Complete the Account Registration.  You will need to enter two pieces of information concerning your subscription.  The first required information is your subscription account number.  This account number was provided in the email you received.  You may choose either of the two remaining pieces of information, the phone number or last name on your account. 
  4. Create Your Password.  A valid email address is required for activation.  Enter your email address and a password of your choice.  Passwords can be any combination of at least 4 characters.  Click on submit when finished.  
  5. Successful entry will result in the following screen.  You are almost there.  Just one more step until you can access your subscription account.
  6. Check your email.  The email sender will be PGAudience. Either click on the link in the email or copy the link to a web browser to complete your account activation.  After you complete the activation, you will be returned to the Account Activation main screen where you can log in and access your subscription account. 

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